Hannity Confirms The Rumors – Viewers Stunned

Sean Hannity just confirmed the rumors, and millions of people are stunned. Americans nationwide can’t believe what he revealed to the world on national television.

In response to far-left lunatic Bill Maher saying he was “glad” conservative billionaire David Koch died, Hannity didn’t hold back. “I have a little message for Bill. You’re a jackass. You’re a mean-spirited jackass,” he said.

Maher will accidentally stumble upon the truth every once in a while — such as when he called out the Democratic Party for being anti-Israel — but Hannity has exposed Maher for who he is, deep down in his heart.

Hannity continued: “The guy you’re talking about and his wife donated $1.3 billion to charity. Until you do that, just keep your big mouth shut.”

Yes, David Koch contributed greatly to causes much bigger than his own and created jobs for thousands. For Maher, however, this isn’t worth celebrating. He would rather celebrate Koch’s death instead.

Radicals like Maher fail at being able to see the good in those they disagree with politically. In fact, at a recent Bernie Sanders rally, the crowd cheered when it was mentioned that Koch passed away. This is a trait of hateful extremists.

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