Hannity Breaks Huge Bombshell – It Changes Everything

Fox News host Sean Hannity has exposed why Mueller suddenly doesn’t want to testify before Congress regarding his investigation into President Donald Trump.

“Robert Mueller doesn’t want to answer the questions that Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows and other Republicans would ask him in a hearing,” Hannity said in his opening monologue Wednesday night. The comments came after Mueller gave a surprise press conference full of ambiguous remarks about the two-plus year investigation and about Trump’s guilt or innocence.

Hannity also said that Mueller “doesn’t know the law” and that his comments had “nothing to do with justice” and “everything to do with politics.” He accused Mueller of a continued “public smear on a duly elected president.”

There’s no doubt Mueller did his best to suggest that Trump may have been guilty of wrongdoing but just couldn’t be charged because he is a sitting president. It has been difficult, however, for Democrats to counteract the fact that most of the American public took the report as a sign that there was no provable collusion or obstruction.

Now that an investigation into Mueller and his team has commenced, let’s see if Trump can show as clearly that there never should have been any investigation in the first place.

Watch the full remarks here.

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