Hannity Breaks Bombshell – Entire Nation In Shock

Fox News superstar Sean Hannity just dropped a bombshell story. The entire country is stunned by what he revealed to millions of Americans on national television.

Hannity said on his program that his sources are telling him that the Department of Justice’s investigation into the witch-hunt against President Trump “will shock the conscience of a nation.”

“My sources are telling me… by say no later than the fall, it’s all going to be revealed to the American people,” said Hannity. The probe into Spygate proves “they are deep into discovering the things that we have told you on this program.”

Hannity continued: “I have high-level sources telling me … that by the time that Attorney Durham is done with his job, and the Attorney General is done with his job, and the investigation is complete … it will shock the conscience of a nation.”

Before long, Americans will know the full truth and it’s Democrats — specifically the former Obama Administration and their allies — who will be completely embarrassed by the fraud they tried to pull.

Between abusing FISA warrants, cooking up the false ‘Steele dossier,’ and generally engaging in a clandestine effort to persecute Trump under the cover of government action, there is much to atone for and justice is coming.

See the full story here.

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