BREAKING: Hospitals To Reject Unvaccinated? – America FURIOUS

MSNBC’s medical analyst Vin Gupta recently made the declaration that hospitals, doctors, and nurses across America need to stop working so hard to care for patients if they haven’t been vaccinated.

Appearing on “The ReidOut,” Gupta didn’t really try to hide the fact that he wants unvaccinated patients to receive lower quality medical care than people who have been vaccinated.

He began by saying “This is where it’s controversial, but we need to talk about this,” which is generally a signal that somebody on television is about to say something really stupid.

“This is not the last respiratory pandemic we’re going to face, Joy. What do we do with somebody who is unvaccinated who is taking advanced ICU therapies from somebody who is vaccinated in the hospital? How do we rank order that priority? We do it for organs, kidneys, livers, lungs. We say, ‘Did you smoke, did you drink recently?’ If you did, you’re lower on the list, even if you need it. We need to start thinking of that model. Have bioethics around it.”

Anchor Joy Reid simply encouraged him, saying “The unvaccinated are spreading this thing, and it’s mutating, let’s be frank, because of the unvaccinated. Okay? I’m running out of ideas what to do if people are refusing to protect themselves and other people?”

Gupta simply agreed, saying “it’s overwhelming. It’s psychologically depressing. It’s discouraging.”

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