GOP Senators Vanish Into Thin Air – They’re Gone

Nearly a dozen Republican senators have completely vanished. No one knows where they went, and legislation is in jeopardy. This is unprecedented.

However, in a fascinating twist, it’s actually not a bad thing. Eleven Republican serving in the Oregon Senate are no-shows in protest of a disastrous cap-and-trade bill, and now the liberal plan is likely dead.

According to reports, the bill — which would impose an economically devastating ‘cap’ on CO2 emissions — lacks the votes to pass without the missing Republican senators.

Why? The Oregon Senate won’t have a quorum to conduct business. In layman’s terms, this means the minimum threshold of present senators won’t be met and, therefore, voting can’t even take place.

Senate Democrats have estimated that 100 other bills are in jeopardy, too, and the absent legislators don’t plan on returning anytime soon, even though the session is supposed to end on June 30.

“No deal with the Democrats has been made. I have been in communications without any results and nothing has been determined. My caucus and I intend to remain out of the state,” said Republican Sen. Herman Baertschiger Jr.

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