BREAKING: Gas Prices Just Took a HUGE Dive Because Of GOP Move [Details Here]

Governor Brian Kemp, a Republican from Georgia, has just done what no liberal has been willing to do: help the American people with the gas price problem.

With so many Americans depending on the family car to help them pay the bills by getting to work, it really is brutal to have to be shelling out so much of your paycheck at the pump.

Take all of the extra driving the average American has to do these days, and things can really add up.

Kids to and from school? Needs gas.

Dropping somebody off at practice? Better have gas.

Trying to get back and forth from church, court, or the massage parlor? Better fuel up.

Brian Kemp recognized how important many of those things are to getting by in America, so he temporarily suspended Georgia’s excise tax on motor fuel, which is currently at almost 30 cents per gallon.

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