BREAKING: Top Democrat Surrenders – GOP Cheering

New Jersey Democrat Senate President Steve Sweeney has officially conceded to challenger Ed Durr.

Sweeney had refused to concede the week of the election after coming up with about 12,000 of what Breitbart is referring to as “mystery ballots.”

“I of course accept the results. I want to congratulate Mr. Durr and wish him the best of luck.” Sweeney finally said on November 10, over a week after the election.

Sweeney is a career politician. Durr is a truck driver who spent about $150 on his campaign after learning it was impossible to obtain a concealed carry firearms permit.

Durr has said that New Jersey has its faults, but he’s going to polish away the nonsense and get the state back to what it’s really about: family.

“People talk about how New Jersey has the highest taxes, and we’re the worst state for business, with high debt, and so on, but bottom line is rights. It’s family. When somebody’s messing with your family, you’ll do anything. The governor was messing with people’s families. When you mess with somebody’s job, their livelihood, their home, their children — people just won’t take that.”

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