BREAKING: Top Democrats NAILED In Sick Conspiracy – GOP Exposes Truth…

On the first anniversary of the January 6 Capitol protests, it seems like everyone in America has an opinion on how the situation should be remembered.

Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris are treating it like 9/11 or the bombing of Pearl Harbor in an attempt to liken Trump supporters to terrorists. The more they can slip that idea into casual conversation, the more accepting the average American becomes of it.

On the right side of the isle, a different opinion has been formed. One that says the weaponization of the date is actually “more detrimental to our republic than the day itself.”

Representative Andy Biggs, a Republican from Arizona, is one of the most vocal in this camp. Biggs is furious over the left’s “one-sided and misleading narrative” about January 6 and the coverup surrounding it.

Nancy Pelosi was put in charge of the investigation, apparently eager to show everyone that Trump’s supporters were and still are wild terrorists that shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion, much less vote. But why has an entire year passed and Nancy still has NOTHING to show for her investigation? I thought this was supposed to be a slam-dunk case of Trump bigots destroying our country.

Perhaps Nancy and friends don’t want to release the results of their investigation into what caused January 6 because THEY are the ones that caused it?

It sure is starting to look that way.

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