BREAKING: Insider Reveals Disturbing Google Plan – America Stunned…

Take a look at the type of language being used inside a tech company, and you’re sure to see the exact type of language they’re going to try to force Americans to use in the future.

A big trick for liberals for quite some while has been changing what words we use and what we actually mean.

For example, when justifying their violent attacks on pro-life buildings and people, liberals don’t refer to them as “pro-life.” They call them “anti-choice” in order to deflect from the fact that these people have no interests in controlling other people’s bodies, they just don’t want babies to die.

Now, Google is doing the same type of thing. Not only within their own organization, but to business and enterprise users of their products.

Google has a list of non-woke words that will NOT be tolerated any longer.

MANHOLE is out.
MASTER is out.

It doesn’t matter in what context you’re using them, Google doesn’t want you to say these words.

Instead, we need to replace “motherhood” with “experience of being a parent or guardian.”

That’s not a joke. That’s what Google autocorrect actually changes your text to.

If whatever cell phone you use hasn’t adopted this yet, just wait for liberals to scream loud enough.

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