Goodbye: Sean Hannity Shocks His Fans

Fox News superstar Sean Hannity just released a shocking message to millions of fans nationwide. He couldn’t hold it in any longer.

On his popular television program, Hannity railed on the Democrats for voting to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress. “Welcome to Saddam Hussein’s USA,” he warned.

Through this vote, Democrats want to “handcuff the attorney general of the United States, have the sergeant of arms drag him before the committee or to prison. No trial, no charges, nothing.”

After special counsel Robert Mueller’s report turned up nothing, the “Democratic mob is out of control, grasping at straws,” Hannity said, exposing their brazen desperation.

“They have to blame somebody for the lies they told, the conspiracies and the hoax they believed and spread,” Hannity noted. This is exactly why they’ve turned their hatred towards Attorney General Barr.

But Barr is simply doing his job. He released the full Mueller report as requested, and his refusal to appear before the House Judiciary Committee unless certain conditions are met is just smart. He knows what Democrats are cooking.

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