BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Gets HUMILIATING News – She’s OUT

Nancy Pelosi is currently the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Most Americans are pretty sure she won’t be for much longer.

A recent poll has shown that nearly 75% of senior Capitol Hill aides believe Republicans will take back control of the House of Representatives majority during the 2022 midterm elections.

Boosting their credibility, 58% of the same staffers believe that the enhanced unemployment benefits are hurting the labor market, compared to only 24% that think the benefits are helping Americans obtain employment.

The party that controls the White House typically loses a fair number of seats during their President’s midterms, averaging a drop of 27 seats since World War Two.

The only times in recent memory that the President hasn’t lost seats were Clinton in 1998, and Bush in 2002. Both made small gains.

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  2. Polosi needs to lose everything she owns, for all the treasonist acts she has performed all these years. She has done Nothing to help the taxpayers that payed her way all these years. She is U S citizens worst nightmare.

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