Goodbye: Kellyanne Conway Makes It Official…

Longtime ally and counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, just made it official. This means ‘goodbye’ and everyone in DC is stunned.

Appearing on Fox News, Conway made it clear that Trump is “ready to act” after the two mass shootings in Ohio and Texas that left 31 people dead — he will be ramping up efforts to combat violence nationwide.

Some have wrongly criticized Trump for being silent after similar tragedies, however, the president’s plans should convince even his skeptics that he’s saying ‘goodbye’ to the notion that nothing can be done.

In addition to directing the FBI and the Justice Department to work with him on fighting domestic terrorism, Conway said that Trump “is finding ways to enhance checks on criminals.”

She made a point to mention that America needs “bipartisan legislation that actually fixes the right problems,” instead of the grandstanding and knee-jerk rhetoric from members of Congress looking to politicize these tragedies.

“There’s so much going on there’s no single solution because there’s no single cause and we have to keep our eyes open,” Conway said. Americans look forward to seeing more details as Trump works to comfort a nation in grief.

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