BREAKING: Major US Company Caught In Sneaky China Scandal [Details Here]

Bill Gates has often been hailed as an American hero. He is a leader of the tech world who kept America on the cutting edge of technology, being a face of the industry throughout all of the nineties and beyond.

But while we assume Bill Gates has helped America more than hurt it, is that really the case?

New evidence shows that Bill Gates might not love America as much as it has loved him.

Author Peter Schweizer has recently revealed that Gates has been undermining the American economy for decades, senselessly sending jobs to China instead of keeping that money here in America.

Less than two decades ago, who appeasing the Chinese Communist Party’s censorship of the internet, Bill Gates promised the regime that Microsoft would outsource American jobs to China.

According to the New York Times, Microsoft’s “Chief Executive Steve Ballmer visited China in 2003 and promised to step up the pace, from $33 million worth of work a year to $55 million a year, according to a statement by Kai-Fu Lee, a former vice president who left to work for Google in July. Lee was charged with smoothing over relations with China and finding jobs that could be shifted to Chinese contract workers.”

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