BREAKING: Germans ATTACK Putin – Russia Sinking…

Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov thought he was having some routine maintenance done on his 515-foot yacht as it was stationed in Germany.

Now, it looks like he might not be getting it back. Germany may not be attacking Putin on the battlefield, but in this case they’re sure trying their best to make things more difficult on Russia. Considering Putin’s a politician, attacking his pocketbook may be the surest way to get him to take notice.

Like many politicians, there is no doubt that Putin cares more about his dollars than his people.

Varying reports have surfaced, but it would appear as though one of Putin’s most wealthy citizen’s yacht has not yet been confiscated by authorities.

However, it MAY be just a matter of time, as authorities have already called a halt to the ship’s repairs.

The hurdle as of now would be that the yacht isn’t registered in Usmanov’s name, but rather to some holding company in the Cayman Islands.

For legal purposes, this makes it hard to pin to Usmanov.

Even if the ship is never confiscated for sanction reasons, the bit of stir that it has caused shows just how far the rest of the world is willing to go to have Ukraine’s back.

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