George Soros Scandal Explodes – Linked To Horrifying Crime

George Soros was just linked to a horrifying crime, and the scandal is exploding. It won’t be long until everyone knows what he did — it’s time for justice to be served.

Kim Foxx, the prosecuting attorney who dropped all charges against Jussie Smollett, was the beneficiary of campaign cash from Soros. In fact, he donated more than $400,000 to a Super PAC that supported Foxx. “Follow the money,” as the old adage goes.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Soros had any knowledge of the inner-workings of Smollett’s case, he stands guilty of helping to elect Foxx and other prosecutors who can rig the criminal justice system in favor of his far-left agenda.

Between Soros’s money and Foxx’s direct connection to the Obama White House — she exchanged scandalous comments about the case with Tina Tchen, Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff — there’s no telling what really went down.

But, as we know, very little in politics happens by accident. The swamp in DC and liberal cities like Chicago thrive off powerful connections and back-scratching to serve the elite. Did Jussie Smollett just become a beneficiary of this system?

Take it from Kevin Graham, president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, who is now calling for a federal investigation into the Smollett case as a result of Foxx’s actions. “We want to make sure that the Justice Department takes a very hard look with that case and what went on today,” he said.

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