George Soros personally makes shock announcement

He’s back at it. We’ve already talked about George Soros, the hedgefund billionaire, who is reportedly working to reverse the Brexit vote. Soros was planning a guerilla marketing operation where politicians would be pushed to create another referendum to vote on Brexit and encourage their constituents to vote against it.

Now he’s brazenly defending what was supposed to be an undercover operation. Soros said he believes that Brexit was a massive mistake and that the criticism leveled against him for supporting “remainers” was “toxic.”

There’s something particularly sinister about this. Dictators and wannabe strongmen usually consider criticism of themselves “toxic.” Thankfully Soros isn’t in charge of the machinery of the state — yet. The Brits should keep it that way. If the people of the United Kingdom want to to be in control of their sovereignty, that’s their right. (Read More…)

Report: Royal family to invite Obama family to Prince Harry’s wedding – but not Trump family

Prince Harry’s wedding to American actress, Meghan Markle, is set to take place on May 19th. The event promises to bring enormous media coverage and celebrities and politicians from around the world. As usual with these events, an invitation is considered an honor, and not being invited is a snub.

This hasn’t been entirely confirmed yet, but reports indicate that Prince Harry intends to invite Barack and Michelle Obama and abstain from inviting President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. If these reports turn out to be true, that would be an incredibly rude gesture toward the president and his family. (Read More…)

Obama’s portrait painter known for controversial paintings of decapitated white people

How could former President Obama not know about this?

He chose an artist named Kehinde Wiley to paint his presidential portrait, and it was unveiled this week. The portrait is a drastic departure from every previous president’s portrait. In it, Obama sits on a chair, arms slightly crossed and torso slumped, in front of a leafy green backdrop. Aesthetically, the picture is in stark contrast to the classic and sophisticated portraits of most previous presidents.

What’s worse than all of this, however, is that the artist is also an “activist.” By that, I mean that he has painted a series of racially charged pieces, two of which have black women holding the heads of decapitated white people. How is this “art” not racist?

Not to worry though — the artist says that the two controversial pieces are “sort of a play on the “kill whitey” thing.” I’m not sure how that makes it better, but then I’m not as good at mental gymnastics as the ordinary liberal. (Read More…)

Masterminds behind North Korean assassination still at large; two women face murder trial instead

Liberal media outlets might be fawning over North Korea at the Olympics, but it’s worth reminding ourselves how awful the country really is. Take this story, for instance. “Dear Leader” Kim’s brother, Kim Jong Nam was assassinated early last year — probably because he was a threat to the throne. Two women have been detained and are being prosecuted for his murder, but there’s one major problem here.

It looks like these women, who were not Korean, but were poor Southeast Asians in search of opportunity, believed they were engaged in a series of pranks for a television show. In Malaysia, where the trial is occurring, they will hang if convicted. And because the actual masterminds of the whole affair haven’t been found or arrested (because this was all planned, of course), these women seem to have become the scapegoats for the real North Korean assassins. (Read More…)

Vanessa Trump hospitalized after opening envelope full of white powder

Absolutely and utterly disgusting. That’s the only way to describe what recently happened to Donald Trump Jr’s wife and children. While at their home in Manhattan, Vanessa, Donald Jr.’s wife, opened a letter she received in the mail. White powder fell out of the letter, and Vanessa instantly feared for her life.

In the end, the powder was only cornstarch, but the threat was obviously very real. Much of the country hates Donald Trump and his family, a sentiment that seems to far surpass mere political or policy disagreements. The Trumps need to be careful. Until Democrats and the mainstream media stop perpetuating falsehoods and unsubstantiated narratives, people like this will only be encouraged. (Read More…)

Tragedy strikes as country music star Daryle Singletary dies unexpectedly at 46

Terrible news for country music fans. At only 46 years of age, Daryle Singletary has passed away at his home in Lebanon, Tennessee. Singletary’s death is still being investigated so the cause has not yet been released by authorities.

Country stars and fans alike have publicly delivered their condolences and honored Singletary for the iconic star that he was. He was a family man who is survived by his wife, Holly and four children. It’s so tragic to see young, talented, and kind people pass away. I’ll pray for him and hope his family can eventually find peace. (Read More…)

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