BREAKING: Fox News Reveals Gen Milley Scandal – Nation Shocked

During Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue on September 28, he told America what General Mark Milley was really doing during his testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier that day.

“If you tuned in to see the hearing in the Senate Armed Services Committee today and if you didn’t, you missed out, but if you did, you may have been a little surprised to see Mark Milley sitting there. You remember Milley. He is the fleshy hood-eyed man who is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is also a national disgrace. He is a living insult to the military he oversees.

That’s not invective, it’s not an insult. It’s objectively true. And yet, somehow, despite the overwhelming evidence that Mark Milley is dishonest, incompetent, partisan, and dishonorable, Mark Milley still has a highly prominent job. That’s the amazing thing.

And not only is Mark Milley still employed at the very highest level, he is still lying and doing so with his characteristic relish and enthusiasm.”

He went on to criticize Milley’s hyprocrisy over Milley’s rant about the importance of civilian control of the military:

“Today for example, with an entirely straight face, Mark Milley delivered an impassioned lecture about the importance of civilian control of the military, quote: ‘This country doesn’t want Generals figuring out what orders we’re going to accept or do or not, that’s not our job.’

Oh really? Is that so, Mark Milley? Isn’t this the same Mark Milley who once illegally seized personal control of our country’s nuclear arsenal? And then when that wasn’t sufficient, promised to tip off the government of China about future American military operations and did all of this because he didn’t like his boss, who unlike him was yes, a civilian, elected by voters.

Yes, that’s the very same Mark Milley, the one lecturing you today about civilian control of the military.”

Tucker seems to be even more tired of Milley than the rest of America is.

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  5. Since no one else seems to care about a creep like Milley, let me say again he
    should be put in a stockade, PERMANENTLY! Biden is bad enough, so is Pelosi, but a traitor like Milley needs to be dealt with harshly.

  6. We haven’t nor will we forget the failure of Milley. The dems may keep him in his cushy job, but come 2022, he will suffer the consequences of his deception.

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