BREAKING: Joe Biden Collapse Stuns Congress – White House Reeling

It’s pretty sad when the President of the United States of America is practically working for the Taliban.

Of course the White House would deny it, and I’m not saying Joe’s literally on their payroll… But at some point, serious questions have to be asked, right?

That’s about where Representative Mike Gallagher, a Republican from Wisconsin, is at.

The simple fact is that Biden “will and has always intended to provide humanitarian assistance to the Taliban.”

If you’ve been paying attention, then you know Gallagher is SPOT ON.

“I think the Biden administration is fooling itself to believe that, in the Taliban, we have a reliable counterterrorism partner. And the Taliban actually just came out and said they are not going to work with us when it comes to tackling ISIS-K. So, the entire counterterrorism strategy, this over-the-horizon counterterrorism strategy that we’ve been sold is the way going forward is collapsing in front of our eyes. It doesn’t work. … We don’t have a plan for over-the-horizon counterterrorism. Because it requires partners on the ground that we can trust and work with, and the Taliban is not that,” Gallagher said. “I believe the Biden administration will and has always intended to provide humanitarian assistance to the Taliban.”

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12 Responses

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  7. pretty sad when it is very apparent the thief and crime leader in making deal s with the taliban crime circuit s to get more distruction through out the world

    it does not take a genious to figure our what is really going on here

    unless your a lacky who just does what thier told , and cannot think for them selves , this worthless satan group is setting the stage for the last 7 of the tribulation and they and all who follow will get the same reward

    death and distruction , nothing more

    peace and safety, then the end comes like the thief who stole the presidency

    just think , God who is True rewards those who hate him and judges thier hearts will reward them with JUSTICE , payment for thier actions

    since thier hearts were evil and they Chose to do evil , God sends a Strong Delusion , that is right , black out , no sight of reality

    just wait , payment is due upon DEATH

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  10. China Joe should change his name to QUISLING. The scum bag is a TRAITOR!! He may send the Geheime Staatspolizei – Gestapo, fbi, for me.

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