BREAKING: Voter Fraud Confirmed! Election REVERSED…

It’s happened. Despite liberals telling us we were crazy racist bigots for suggesting that something like this could ever happen, that exact thing happened.

An investigation revealed that an American election was won via fraud and bribery, and must be overturned.

Compton (California) City Council member Isaac Galvan appeared to win his seat last year by just one single vote.

That was until people found out what really happened.

Galvin was arrested, along with five other people, and charged with conspiracy to commit election fraud.

Galvin will be replaced by his Challenger, Andre Spicer.

A judge overturned Galvan’s win after learning that four of the votes in the election were invalid because they were cast by people who didn’t live in the district.

Voter fraud is rare. But it DOES happen.

Being careful and making sure the right winner is in place doesn’t make you a racist bigot, as they like to say. It makes you an American.

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