BREAKING: New Election Fraud Evidence Reveals Democrats Are Guilty [Developing]

Representative Mo Brooks, a Republican from Alabama, is running for United States Senate. During his campaign, he’s signed onto legislation that would ban localities and states from receiving federal funds if they permit foreign nationals to vote in elections.

The legislation was introduced by Republican Jeff Duncan, a Representative from South Carolina, and has now been joined by a number of other House Republicans.

“Non-citizen voting in American elections threatens American governments by denying citizens control over their own governments’ destinies … this is the United States, not the United Nations,” Brooks said when he announced he would be joining the legislation.

“Socialist Democrats denigrate the sacrifice of countless Americans who have laid down their lives protecting the right of American citizens to vote and control America’s future. Democrats’ giving voting rights to illegal aliens and other non-citizens undermines our Republic and the voting power of American citizens. Worse yet, Socialist Democrat dilution of the voting rights of American citizens is motivated solely by their desire for political power.”

This legislation would really hit Democrats where it counts, as it would mean the number of illegal immigrants Biden is pouring over the border to tip the scales in his favor would be rendered irrelevant.

No citizenship, no vote. It’s weird how everyone other than liberals seem to be able to understand that.

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