Franklin Graham Shocker – He Just Admitted…

The late Rev. Billy Graham’s son, evangelist Franklin Graham, just dropped a stunning bombshell about President Trump. Democrats don’t want you to know about what Graham admitted.

During a revealing interview, Graham spoke about then-candidate Donald Trump’s decisive election victory in 2016. He said, “I think God was behind the last election.” Many Americans feel exactly the same way.

Trump had everything working against him. The pre-election polls weren’t swinging in his favor and he endured constant bashing by the mainstream media. Hillary Clinton was already picking out drapes for the White House.

But God’s hand was on this election and Trump won anyway, to the shock and dismay of Clinton and Democrats nationwide. Enraged liberals were seen crying on television as the results came in.

Graham continued by saying Trump “may go down in history as one of the best presidents we’ve had” and praised his accomplishments as president, including his pro-life work and appointing good justices.

Trump is “the first president really in my lifetime that has been this vocal about life,” Graham said, and also noted that “he’s put two Supreme Court justices so far on the bench that are conservative.”

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