BREAKING: Fox News Star Sends Horrifying Warning to Trump

The ongoing saga of liberals blaming Russia for their monumental loss in 2016 continues. Even though Mueller has said that President Trump is not a criminal suspect in his FBI investigation, there’s reason for concern.

According to Fox News’s Judge Napolitano, Mueller’s announcement might be a ploy to give the president a false sense of security so he lets his guard down. Hopefully, the president heeds Napolitano’s warning.

Liberals, the media, and bureaucrats in Washington will stop at nothing to discredit Trump. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst, that’s the only way for the president to proceed. (Read More…)

Trump says migrant ‘women are being raped at levels nobody’s ever seen before’

And the heads of liberals exploded everywhere… During his 2016 campaign, Trump said that Mexico was sending rapists to America and that migrants were being sexually assaulted all the time. The media and leftists completely lost it.

It turns out, however, that Trump’s claim was correct. “Coyotes” the men who organize illegal immigration operations were raping their “customers” and using sex as a form of payment all the time. 80% of the women traveling from that region to the U.S. are raped, an astonishingly high number.

If liberals really are champions of women and want to empower them, wouldn’t that stat alone encourage them to end illegal immigration? Oh that’s right, immigration is about getting votes, not helping people. (Read More…)

Megyn Kelly admits her Today show is struggling

This is what it looks like when someone has to face the music. Megyn Kelly is finally admitting publicly that her daytime show is barely above water. It’s about time.

Since leaving Fox News, Kelly has lost virtually all of her former fans while struggling to find new ones. Maybe if she hadn’t been arrogant and thankless for her success at Fox, and if she didn’t have disdain for the fans her made her famous, she wouldn’t be in this situation.

Some lessons in life are difficult to learn, and this was one of them. (Read More…)

Trump says he didn’t know about Stormy Daniels payment

President Trump denied this week that he knew anything about the payment to Stormy Daniels from his lawyer, Michael Cohen. This is a major development in the story.

When confronted by reporters, he responded that he didn’t know about it and that they’d have to ask Cohen. It doesn’t matter what he says, the media won’t believe him and they’ll keep attacking him for whatever they can.

Imagine if Trump were a Democrat, do you think he’d have to endure the media’s constant onslaught? Absolutely not. (Read More…)

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