BREAKING: Fox News Star Issues Urgent Announcement

In November Republicans may have an emergency situation on their hands. The so-called “blue wave” is supposedly coming, in which Democrats will sweep the contested elections and likely take back the house, making Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House once again.

Fox News star and conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren has a cautionary message for Republican politicians in Washington: Start supporting President Trump’s agenda or Republicans are going to lose big this year.

She’s right. President Trump now has at least a 50% approval rating, and Republicans need to get on board with his plans. Deal with illegal immigration, trade imbalances, and keep Trump’s work on the economy going and Republicans can stop a Democrat majority. (Read More…)

Former Hawaii Democrat Sen. Daniel Akaka dies at age 93

Here’s another sad reminder of a party that was once far better than it is now. Democrats used to disagree with Republicans on some social issues, but they generally believed in principles like free speech, freedom of religion and the right to bear arms.

The old guard of that party is dying off and America is worse off for it. Sen. Daniel Akaka was a war veteran from WW2, an independent thinker, and lawmaker, and a humble, hard worker. He just passed away at age 93.

He was the exact opposite of the loud-mouthed, media hungry, self-promoters in his party. Sen. Akaka and the party he once represented will be missed. (Read More…)

Trump tosses aside speech notes, gives command performance

The Donald is really at his best when he’s unscripted and shooting from the hip. That’s how we got some of the great lines during his presidential campaign like when he said “you would be in prison” to Hillary Clinton.

Trump decided to go off-script at a tax reform roundtable this past week and had the audience buzzing. He said his notes were boring and instead decided to launch an attack on illegal immigration. It was a quintessentially Trumpian performance and totally worth the watch. (Read More…)

Megyn Kelly defends ‘Today’ ratings, Jane Fonda tirade in recent interview

A few months back, Megyn Kelly and Jane Fonda had a public spat. Kelly invited Fonda on her show, asked her a pretty simple question, and Fonda took offense. This led to multiple segments on Kelly’s show addressing the situation.

The squabbling exposed how Kelly’s show was clearly struggling for ratings. In a recent interview, Kelly defended the low ratings and her decision to go after Fonda. Her response just shows how she still doesn’t realize what the real issues are.

It’s actually pretty straightforward; she left an audience who liked her, started interviewing liberals who whine about everything, and then made a fluff show. Next time, she should make better choices. (Read More…)

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