BREAKING: Fox News Star Releases Clinton Bombshell

Slowly but surely, Hillary Clinton is having to face the consequences for her complete disregard for security protocol — and the Clinton Foundation’s massive pay-for-play scheme.

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano just made it clear that Hillary essentially has a special prosecutor on her tail. A Utah-based prosecutor has been assigned to investigate corruption in government agencies.

Among other things, he will be empowered to investigate the Uranium One scandal and surveillance abuses by the FBI and DOJ. Get the cuffs ready, because someone should be getting locked up soon. (Read More…)

US airstrike kills key ISIS leader in Afghanistan

Another terrorist leader is dead. US and coalition airstrikes around the Middle East have been absolutely destroying ISIS and their leaders, and they just got a major figurehead in Afghanistan.

His name is Qari Hikmatullah, and he helped to funnel and oversee ISIS fighters moving from Central Asia into Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East. The American military just sent ISIS another clear message: if you mess with the U.S. and its allies, your days are numbered. (Read More…)

John and Cindy McCain celebrate victory against sex-trafficking website

Sen. John McCain may not be the best-loved Republican to most conservatives, but he occasionally gets some great things done. Both he and his wife Cindy were heavily involved in a great piece of legislation that was just passed.

A website called was just seized by federal investigators for its involvement in human trafficking and prostitution. They had an elaborate scheme where these shady operations were being run under the radar, but they’re done now and in serious trouble.

Good for the McCains and the police involved in shutting down these disgusting people. (Read More…)

Hillary Clinton blames loss on NRA, NRA fires back: ‘You’re exactly right’

After all the nonsense the NRA has had to put up with lately, it looks like they’re just done with it. Hillary Clinton blamed the NRA (as well as the Russians, Facebook, and the Electoral College) for her incredible loss in 2016.

And what did they say in response? “You’re exactly right.” Hillary, it’s pretty simple: You lost because Americans don’t like or trust you and they were sick of President Obama’s terrible leadership.

To some degree, the NRA was responsible for your loss, because it’s full of people who are motivated to prevent you from ever getting in power again. (Read More…)

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