Fox Star Breaks Silence – It Was Soros…

Fox News contributor John Solomon said on Friday that fired Ukrainian Ambassador Maria Yovanovich’s had links to a radical Soros group.
Yovanovich said in testimony on Friday that she was “incredulous” about being recalled for partisan reasons, while understanding that the president can remove any ambassador he wants. Solomon said that Yovanovich repeatedly made negative statements about the president and that Yovanovich had given Ukraine a list of people and organizations that she didn’t want to be investigated or prosecuted, including a George Soros-funded group called AntAC.
Solomon said that the anti-corruption group was funded jointly by Soros and the State Department. He further said there was a “trail” between AntAC, Soros and State Department officials that supervised Yovanovich.
When asked about the role of foreign money in U.S. elections, Solomon pointed out that a reggae singer was just indicted for taking foreign money and laundering it into Obama’s campaign.
“I don’t think it’s anything related to impeachment, the timing just makes it look suspect,” Solomon finished.
See the full video clip here.
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