Fox News Star Calls for Arrest of FBI Officials

Judge Jeanine Pirro is fed up with this Russia investigation nonsense, just like the rest of us. On her show this weekend, the Judge aptly said that former acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe is the ‘consigliere of the FBI crime family.”

Liberals complained that Trump fired McCabe’s predecessor, James Comey, for his mismanagement and politicization of a federal investigation. But the real question is should Trump have gone further? Should Trump have taken out the entire leadership structure of the FBI and replaced it with actual, impartial agents? Currently, it seems as though that’s the exact opposite of what we’ve gotten.

Judge Jeanine certainly thinks so. She said ‘it’s time to take them out in cuffs,’ and judging by recent revelations, this isn’t entirely out of the question. (Read More…)

Report: ‘Dozens’ of corrupt lawmakers to resign — could begin within 72 hours

The sex scandals persist. Late last month it was revealed that taxpayers have been footing the bill for sexual harassment settlements made by members of Congress. Americans were not very pleased to learn that their tax bills are going to subsidize what amounts to “hush money” for habitual sexual harassers. With the largest known settlement standing at $220,000, it’s not hard to see why so many are angry. But it looks as though it is about to get worse.

A reporter at the Daily Caller named Luke Rosiak warned last Friday that Congress is about to be rocked by more sex scandals in the coming days. He said that at least a dozen members of Congress will resign soon over ‘harassment and secret settlements.’ It would be great if I could say I’m surprised, but after what we’ve learned in recent months, it’s hard to be surprised by any sordid stories coming out of Washington. (Read More…)

Report: Nobody in the White House is thinking about firing Mueller

Liberals have been going off for weeks, even months, about how President Trump is threatening to fire Mueller. This actually isn’t true. Republicans who support Trump, or frankly just support the rule of law, have been calling for Mueller to disband or pause the investigation if it can’t be conducted impartially.

But Trump hasn’t actually threatened to fire Mueller. In fact, recently released accounts of White House insiders show that Trump is optimistic about the investigation clearly demonstrating that he hasn’t done anything wrong.

In either event, the investigations have been going on since before Trump took office, so if there’s anything worth investigating, the Mueller team had better show it now or admit they’re running a charade. (Read More…)

John McCain issues major announcement after hospitalization

Late last week President Trump contacted Sen. McCain’s wife to wish her his best and encourage the Senator to recover quickly. Trump undoubtedly meant those words, but he probably was also hoping that Sen. McCain would be healthy enough to make it to the Senate floor in time for a critical vote.

That is, of course, the recent tax bill that President Trump has endorsed and high ranking Republicans have ushered through Congress. That vote is expected to take place this Wednesday; will McCain make it in time?

According to his recent statement, he won’t. His doctor has instructed the Senator to remain resting at home until January. Luckily, the majority still enjoyed by Republicans in the Senate makes the bill’s passage all but guaranteed this week. (Read More…)

UN votes to ‘void’ Trump’s pro-Jerusalem stand

It’s no surprise that the United Nations Security Council is not a fan of President Trump. In large part, it’s because he threatens the faux “moral authority” that the body has claimed over the last few decades.

Trump’s recent recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, along with his plans to move the U.S. Embassy to the ancient city, has caused somewhat of an uproar. The Security Council voted to veto Trump’s action this week.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley provided the only vote in opposition to that measure. Thankfully, like most of the votes at the U.N., it’s merely symbolic. President Trump can move the embassy, and the U.N. can’t do anything about it. (Read More…)

Obama shielded terrorists and drug dealers from investigation to appease Iran

As if the terrible deal with Iran wasn’t bad enough. We just learned that President Obama and his administration sold their souls to seal the deal.

I’ll keep this simple. The Drug Enforcement Agency started an initiative in 2008 to stop drugs and arms trafficking into Syria by Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed terrorist organization. In order to grease the skids for the Iran Deal, President Obama and his administration impeded that operation so that Iran wouldn’t be upset by the interruption.

Syria, the rest of the Middle East, and the United States are all less safe for those actions. How much was the Obama administration willing to give up to ensure that the deal would be signed? Worst of all, the deal doesn’t even do what the administration contended it would do: prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. So this was all for nothing.

Thanks, Obama. (Read More…)

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