Fox News TRAGEDY – This Changes Everything

An appeals court has ruled that a lawsuit against Fox News by the family of Seth Rich can now go forward into a discovery phase, the Hill reported. A lower court had earlier dismissed the suit, which alleges that Fox News promoted conspiracy theories that Rich was killed because he gave classified documents to WikiLeaks.

Police said that Rich was actually killed during a botched robbery. Information that Rich was responsible for a leak turned out to have no corroboration and was retracted by Fox News, but continued to be promoted by Sean Hannity even after it was debunked and the original article retracted, Rich’s family said.

“While we extend the Rich family our deepest condolences for their loss, we believe that discovery will demonstrate that FOX News did not engage in conduct that will support the Riches’ claims,” a Fox News spokesperson said. “We will be evaluating our next legal steps.”

“We would not wish what we have experienced upon any other parent — anywhere,” the Riches said in a statement. “We appreciate the appellate court’s ruling and look forward to continuing to pursue justice.”

The ruling was not a good one for Fox News. The suit seeks damages for emotional distress and other harm.

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