Fox News Tragedy – ROBBED By Masked Man [Video]

There has been a Fox News tragedy. One of the network’s employees was just robbed by a masked man, and it was all caught on video. This is stunning.

The employee, who was not named, said the robber made a critical error when ransacking his New York City apartment. “He left everything pretty much the way it was, except for the camera,” said the employee.

He continued by saying that “if we didn’t have a camera or anything, it would have taken us days to notice.” The burglar reportedly saw the camera and turned it away from him, which was a big mistake.

It is also sad to report that the culprit made off with roughly $13,000 in goods. “The couple quickly realized that heirloom jewelry, including a communion ring and a necklace, as well as other sentimental family tokens, had been stolen,” noted Fox News.

In order to break in, the intruder used “some sort of wedge which he inserted underneath the lock, bending the whole thing forward and jimmying the inside of the lock to get through the door,” said the employee.

Please pray for this Fox News employee and his girlfriend, who have been understandably rattled by this discovery. No one should ever have their personal space invaded. Let’s hope the perpetrator is found and arrested soon.

See the full story here.

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