Fox News TRAGEDY – It Was Just Announced…

News just broke about a Fox News tragedy. It was announced moments ago, and it’s spreading nationwide. Millions of Americans are in shock.

President Trump has pointed out a tragic occurence at the popular network. He tweeted, “Rasmussen at 50%. @MediaBuzzFNC & @FoxNews are only getting worse! Now @donnabrazile & others on Fox. Not what it used to be!”

Trump’s tweet was a follow-up from one a few days ago, in which he noted, “Other good polls also in fifties, despite only Fake News, and then phony polls by A.P., CNN, NBC and, as always, Fox, who were WAY OFF on 2016 Election!”

Trump criticized Fox’s hiring of former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazille who, as many of us remember, allegedy fed Hillary Clinton answers during the 2016 debates.

“So @donnabrazile gives Crooked Hillary the Questions, and now she’s on @FoxNews!” he tweeted. Brazille responded by condescendingly infering that Trump wasn’t doing his job by pointing out media bias.

She tweeted, “Mr President, you represent over 320 million ppl. Focus on your job!” Once again, Trump drew out the media power-players and forced them to admit that they care nothing about fairness and accountability.

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