Fox News Tragedy – Fans Are Horrified

If what podcast host Allie Stuckey announced on Fox News Tuesday is true, it is a tragedy for our country and for coming generations. Stuckey talked about a new Wall Street Journal and NBC News poll that found young people to be significantly less interested in religion, patriotism, and marriage and family than they were just 20 years ago.

“We are a generation that is obsessed with self-love, with self-care, with self-fulfillment and sacrifice is seen as totally uncool and selfishness is seen as completely trendy,” Stuckey told Fox & Friends.

Stuckey said she was disappointed but not surprised about the poll results. She said she was sad for this generation because they were missing out on some of the greatest joys by being more interested in fame and themselves.

The fourth major value, hard work, remained at the top of the list in the poll. Patriotism being “very important” fell 9 percent, religion 12 percent, and having children 16 percent.

Are young adults just being characteristically foolish and short-sighted? Taking longer to mature? Or is society changing in alarming and destructive ways? Only time will tell.

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