Fox News Stuns Fans – It’s Happening

Fox News just stunned its millions of fans nationwide. The network just made news of its own, and it’s happening. People can’t believe that this was announced.

Simply put, Fox News continues to blow the competition out of the water. CNN and MSNBC’s viewership numbers pale in comparison to the average 2,387,000 viewers enjoyed by Fox during the prime-time slot.

Conservative superstars Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham have a lot to do with the network’s incredible performance during the second quarter of 2019. Liberal networks just can’t keep up.

For example, Fox’s prime-time lineup more than tripled CNN’s viewers in the same block, averaging 761,000 viewers. And, shockingly enough, MSNBC  averaged 1,674,000 viewers — putting them in second place.

It would seem that CNN simply doesn’t have much of audience anymore. Conservatives don’t trust them; liberals prefer the unhinged musings of the radicals at MSNBC. This leaves CNN without much of a base.

Averaging only 761,000 viewers during prime-time is embarrassing for a network of CNN’s reach, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll regain standing anytime soon. Fox News is the king of cable news.

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