Fox News Star’s Tragic Confession… [Revealed]

Brit Hume said Tuesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight that if he had pitched the latest story from the New York Times about allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, his editors at Fox News would have thrown the copy across the room.

Hume said the story, which was later corrected, should never have been published. He pointed out that the allegations about Kavanaugh’s behavior at a college party were not even firsthand accounts, and that one woman involved didn’t remember the alleged incident.

Furthermore, the main witness-accuser, Max Steir, is now a prominent lawyer for the Clintons. There have been no Kavanaugh accusers that weren’t political opponents of conservatives, and there has been no evidence that any of the allegations are actually true.

The latest allegations came from an upcoming book about Kavanaugh, and two different articles excerpted from the book have excluded exculpatory evidence that seems to indicate that the allegations are not even true.

Is it any wonder that they aren’t getting much traction, other than giving 2020 Democrat presidential candidates a reason to pound their fists and talk about impeaching Kavanaugh?

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