Fox News Star Steps Forward – Ends Speculation

Fox News star Tomi Lahren has stepped forward with a message that Americans need to hear before it’s too late.

The border crisis is real and it must be dealt with now. She personally visited with U.S. Border Patrol in Arizona near Tuscon, and her eye-witness report is stunning.

Lahren, pointing to a line of barbed wire and a simple wooden barrier, asked, “Would this area be suitable for fencing if you could afford fencing to put here?”

Without missing a beat, an agent walking alongside the border with Lahren answered that it’s “viable to construct border fencing in this area.”

“We had learned over the years that when we put a solid barrier we couldn’t see through, our adversaries, whether they be drug smugglers or illegal aliens, would hide behind them and use them to assault our agents,” remarked an agent.

“That design right there is basically what we’re looking at going forward,” he said, motioning to a tall, impenetrable fence with narrow slats. Another agent drove the point home, “There is absolutely no value on human life when it comes to the cartel that’s operating south of the border […] and it’s a dangerous situation.”

See the full story here.

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