Fox News Star Snaps – Couldn’t Handle The Pressure

Judge Napolitano can’t handle the fact that Trump didn’t appoint him to any positions in his cabinet. Now he’s just getting nasty

Along with a handful of other conservatives and the whole of the Democrat Party, he denounced the President’s tweets about the four progressive congresswomen referred to as ‘the squad’.

“It implicates a racial or nativist superiority: We were here before you; this is our land, not yours; get out,” said Napolitano.

Napolitano went as far as to call the tweets “racist.” But the real question is who appointed Judge Nap to be an expert on racism?

As most conservatives now know, the charge of racism in political rhetoric is largely used as a club to beat conservatives with. And while Trump’s words may have been poorly chosen, in context, his meaning was clear – it’s time for the squad to start loving America, or back up their criticisms and leave the country for supposedly greener pastures.

Napolitano has been an outspoken critic of the President. Is it because he’s jealous?

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