Fox News Star Shocks The Nation – Comes Forward

A Fox News star just came forward and shocked the nation. As his announcement spreads nationwide, Americans are once again divided over the politics that got us here.

On a recent airing of ‘Fox & Friends,’ Greg Jarrett addressed a new California law that eliminates bail for low-level offenses and uses a suspicious algorithm. He said that “bail has long existed for hundreds of years … there’s a couple good reasons for it.”

“First of all, it ensures public safety, and second of all, it ensures the accused is going to show up for trial,” said Jarrett. “Judges are in the best position to determine that.”

Jarrett also took aim about the algorithm that is being implemented to help determine whether bail is required. “To leave it to mathematical algorithms, or in some jurisdictions to just eliminate bail whatsoever, is obviously dangerous,” he said.

But no one should be surprised that California has implemented yet another law to put potentially dangerous criminals above public safety. That’s part of what the liberal agenda is all about.

Some of the more radical liberals even believe that jail should be eliminated altogether. It goes hand-in-hand with their insanity on the subject of illegal immigration. Letting criminals roam free is called “social justice” to them.

See the full story here.

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