Fox News Star Sex Scandal – Huge Revelation

Fox News is the most reliable cable news network on television, but not everything is smooth-sailing internally. A stunning revelation about a sex scandal has now taken center stage and the network is reeling.

In Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean’s new book, ‘Mostly Sunny,’ she claims that the network’s former CEO Roger Ailes, now deceased, made “inappropriate and wrong” advances and asked her about phone sex.

Describing a meeting with Ailes as she was seeking a job, she wrote, “After our wine was brought to the table, he reached over and grabbed my hand. And held it. Like a date.”

Dean continued, “He was still holding my hand awkwardly across the table and asked if I had thought about him after our last meeting.” Her interactions with Ailes became even more uncomfortable over the course of a fateful phone call.

“So, how are you at phone sex?” pressed Ailes, according to Dean’s account.  “Did he ask me how I was at phone sex?” she asked herself. “My comedic instinct kicked in and I treated it like a joke. ‘I’M TERRIBLE!”

Ailes allegedly responded, “You don’t seem like you’d be terrible. You’re a little naughty. I see that side of you. You’ve played phone sex with your boyfriends before, right? Let me hear what you’d say to him…like if I was your boyfriend.”

Read the full story here.

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