Fox News Star Makes Tragic Announcement – It Broke My Heart

Fox News superstar and host of ‘Final Thoughts,’ Tomi Lahren, just made a tragic announcement on her television program. What happened is truly heartbreaking and all patriotic Americans need to know about it.

Lahren revealed on her show that at an event in Utah “to honor the families of fallen officers,” Black Lives Matter protesters “showed up to heckle attendees and the spirit of the evening.” Lahren was a speaker at the event and watched it all happen.

She continued: “I’m used to being protested. It doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is when morons stand outside of an event honoring fallen law enforcement with ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs and disrespect those family members …”

Hosted by Concerns of a Police Officer (COPS) in Salt Lake City, the event welcomed attendees who “came to memorialize and celebrate the lives of their loved ones — loved ones who put it all on the line and paid the ultimate price to keep their community safer.”

“That’s what really disgusts me,” she emphasized. Lahren speaks the truth boldly and refuses to appease liberals who hate our police, the rule of law, and the very system American was founded upon. There is no reasoning with the radical left.

Because of our brave men and women in blue, Americans are able to sleep more soundly knowing they stand ready around-the-clock to protect our communities from violence, drugs, and chaos. Police deserve our utmost respect and support. Period.

Read the full story here.

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