Fox News Star HEALTH Notice – Fans Devastated

Fox News’s Dr. Marc Siegal is spreading the word on a brewing health crisis – and it’s time for America to take notice.

Vaping has long been an unquestioned trend. Now it’s becoming clear the habit is not completely safe.

Vaping, the practice of inhaling water vapor spiked with artificial flavors and nicotine, is creating health problems.

Now, with vaping going mainstream, homemade inhalants are causing illness. In one tragic case, a young man in Oregon died from a vaping related illness. More broadly, there is a spike in lung illness related to vaping and E-cigarettes.

Instead of inhaling substances, people need to do their research and err on the side of caution.

As a replacement for smoking cigarettes, the jury is still out on vaping. But if you don’t already smoke, it’s probably best to avoid vaping altogether.

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