Fox News Star Health Alert – Fans Are Stunned

A major alert about the health of a Fox News star just dropped, and fans nationwide are stunned. Please keep him and his family in your prayers during this time.

According to reports, Ed Henry, Fox News’ chief national correspondent, is recovering well after donating part of his liver to his sister, Colleen. She suffers from a degenerative liver disease and now has a chance to live for many more years.

“The doctors tell me that my old liver is functioning normally and that my sister’s new liver started working as soon as it was put in, nothing short of a miracle,” said Henry.

He continued: “We have been lifted up by so many prayers. Today, I got out of bed, sat in a chair and then actually walked to my sister’s room so we could have a toast — apple juice.”

Less than a week ago, Henry announced that he would become a liver donor for his sister. He said that he was “determined to do whatever I can to give my sister the greatest gift of all, which quite simply is life.”

The siblings will be remaining in the ICU for observation as they conntinue to recover, however, all signs point to Ed and Colleen being in good health. Colleen’s new liver reportedly started functioning as soon as she recieved it.

Read the full story here.

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