Fox News Star Gives Notice To Fans… It’s Over

Fox News star Brett Baier told his America’s Newsroom audience on Thursday that the Mueller hearings were a “failure” for Democrats who hoped to get new information on crimes that President Donald Trump may have committed.

“I think yesterday for all of the folks who said, you shouldn’t make such a big deal about that presentation, it’s about the substance. Well, for days and days and days we heard about how this was the movie and this was animating the report. And this was going to really show the American people, with sound bites from Robert Mueller, how this all is laid out. That was not accomplished. That was a failure, ” he said.

Baier has been critical of Trump in his broadcasts and may have hoped for the same things the Democrats did. “It just did not go I think, as they planned. Remember, Democrats had mock hearings. They had people standing in for Bob Mueller, doing questions and answers,” he said.

He noted that Democrats tried to downplay the hearings and their role in being able to revive failed impeachment hopes. “It turned out to not be the moment … that Democrats really wanted to see.”

The Democrats’ failure to get Trump no matter how they try has been spectacular to see over the last two years. What they will try next now that the Mueller investigation has finally failed will be interesting to see.

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