Fox News Star Ends It… Millions Shocked

Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Fox News Thursday that it wasn’t constitutional for New York Democrats to target President Donald Trump’s tax returns with a new law awaitng the governor’s signature.

The Supreme Court “has never upheld a statute based on hatred,” Napolitano asserted. He encouraged Trump to challenge the law if it is enacted.

Currently, the state is restricted in being able to release tax returns requested by Congress. The new law would lift that restriction for personal tax returns and those of any business in which the individual owns a 10 percent share or more.

The original bill allowed the release of any New York resident’s tax returns. On Wednesday, the law was amended to include only certain officials such as the president, vice president, and members of Congress representing New York.

If Trump does challenge the law, Napolitano concluded, there’s a good chance he will be able to prove that it specifically targeted him. That would make the law unconstitutional.

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