Fox News Star Ends It – It’s Over

A major Fox News contributor just ended the speculation in a public announcement. It’s already over and people are stunned.

Writing for Newsweek, former Speaker of the House and presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, exposed Joe Biden and declared his campaign dead on arrival.

Much of Gingrich’s case is built upon just how far left the Democratic Party has lurched in recent years. While Biden is certainly liberal, he just doesn’t fit in anymore.

Biden is “going to quickly learn just how much Democrats have changed since he last ran for vice president seven years ago,” wrote Gingrich.

“If he is not careful, he could be seen as a powerful, old, heterosexual, white male,” wrote Gingrich further, something his own party has grown to despise.

Gingrich brings up multiple points from Biden’s long political career, including decades-old controversies “on race, the role of women, and the question of ‘gender violence,'” that are about to become front and center.

Read the full story here.

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