Fox News Star Ends It – Goodbye, Farewell…

The Iran situation has spawned a ton of terrible takes from many pundits. Chris Wallace was one of them, and he effectively ended his credibility with his take on Trump calling off strikes on Iran.

Fox News reports:

“Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace said Friday that there are “costs to inaction” after President Trump confirmed he called off retaliatory strikes against Iran.”

Instead of celebrating that Trump was avoiding Iraq 2.0, Chris Wallace decided to criticize Trump.

War with Iran would be like Iraq all over again – a costly mistake. But, anti-Trump pundits couldn’t resist taking shots at Trump for making the right call

CNN reports:

“Fox News hosts Chris Wallace and Shep Smith challenged President Donald Trump’s comments about when and why he decided to call off a strike against Iran.”

Trump knows America holds all the cards and defeating Iran will not require a long costly war. Trump will play the long game and save lives. Meanwhile, Chris Wallace may want to find more comfortable employment at CNN.

Read the full story here.

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