Fox News Star Breaks Down – Gut-Wrenching Notice

Former senior adviser to then-President George W. Bush told Fox and Friends on Thursday that he still gets emotional when he thinks about the events of September 11, 2001 and the aftermath, including meeting the families of those who died on Flight 93.

“You can’t think about it without getting emotional,” he said about the meeting. “They knew that their loved ones had sacrificed themselves in order to keep that plane from flying in the Capitol or the White House. I’ll never forget meeting them.”

Rove said that former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card still emails him every year, and his assistant still calls him at 8:48 am each year as she did in 2001.

He also spoke about the resilience of the country after the attacks. Some thought that there would be attacks against Muslims in retaliation, but that never happened.

“We kept our focus as a country and our focus was to restore America’s confidence in itself and to live again as we normally would live, to live in freedom, and to take on the enemies of our country who struck us that day and we did,” he said proudly.

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