Fox News Star Betrays Trump – Kisses Career Goodbye

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace angered Trump supporters on Friday by criticizing the President’s “feud” with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and even seeming to defend Pelosi’s recent outrageous comments about him.

“The one conceivable thing you could say on behalf of Nancy Pelosi is that maybe by getting into this fight with the President and standing up to him and taking him on that she slows down the move… for impeachment which I know she thinks is a huge mistake,” Wallace said.

Wallace questioned “who was trolling who” and said that Pelosi “succeeded to some degree in getting under his skin” when she suggested his family should stage an intervention for his mental health.

While Wallace made light of the rivals’ jabs at each other, he worried that their feud is distracting Trump from getting things done.

“As a political reporter in this town, it’s all very entertaining, but as an American, what it means is that nothing gets done,” Wallace said.

“They have to figure out how to fund the government by October 1. They have to raise the debt limit…. They need to get a lot done.”

Watch Wallace’s comments here.

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