Fox News SHOCKER… Trump Is Stunned

A popular Fox News host stunned President Donald Trump and his fans by revealing that some other TV networks are actually cheering against America — wanting a harmful recession just so Trump loses.

In fact, some mainstream media personalities seem to be giddy about the fears of a downturn because they believe it would cost Trump the election in 2020.

Bill Maher, who is known for his edgy cable television show, is a famous liberal. He’s been opposed to Donald Trump from the beginning.  Now he’s openly rooting for an economic disaster — and he said so on his show.

Seeing talking heads at CNN and MSNBC giddy about economic misery for the American people is disgusting. The fact that Bill Maher wants something horrible to happen to the American economy – and the American people, is not surprising however.

This is the same group of people who say that “America First” is racist. It seems that their real problem is not with Donald Trump — it’s with America itself.

There is the real threat that the more the media talks about a possible economic downturn, the worse things could actually get as investors panic. The media — and Bill Maher — are working against every single patriotic American right now. This is why we can’t ever let Democrats have power again.

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