Fox News QUITTING Decision… Finally Had Enough

Americans are stunned by what just happened on Fox News. A quitting decision was announced while the cameras were rolling — he finally had enough.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani — President Trump’s personal lawyer — skewered the coverage that Fox News’ John Roberts gave about whether Ukraine was pressured to investigate Hunter Biden. He threatened to quit the interview.

“I won’t answer another question unless you let me finish,” said Giuliani. “It’s really unfair.” Roberts clearly had a narrative, and he pursued it. Giuliani refused to play the game.

Before he gave Roberts the ultimatum, he said, “How is your coverage so distorted? If you did any work you find out [former Ukrainian prosecutor General Yuriy] Lutsenko is the prosecutor that Biden put in.”

“There’s a newspaper article in which Biden approves Lutsenko when he’s appointed,” continued Giuliani. “Doesn’t that strike you as odd that the vice president would approve a particular prosecutor? Did you ever bother to look — let me finish.”

That’s when Roberts tried to interrupt Giuliani to keep the anti-Trump agenda on track. But this wasn’t Giuliani’s first rodeo; he’s dealt with far more difficult people than a politically biased reporter.

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