Fox News LEGEND Comes Forward – He’s OUTRAGED

Fox News senior national correspondent Ed Henry said Friday that NBA fans were being “disappointed” by stars in the league by the failure of those stars to weigh in on the controversy around Rockets general manager Daryl Morley’s tweet in support of Hong Kong protesters in China.

“It infuriates me. I love the NBA. … These NBA stars are disappointing me and a lot of people because they’re not standing up for freedom! They’re not standing up even for America, in some cases,” Henry said on Fox&Friends.

Henry’s comments came after a Rockets spokesman refused to let James Harden and Russell Westbrook answer a question from reporters on Thursday about the issue. When Harden and Westbrook were asked whether they “would feel differently about speaking out” after the events surrounding their GM, the spokesman interrupted and said they would only answer basketball-related questions.

The league later said it was a mistake on the spokesman’s part not to allow the players to answer. Henry noted that many players were more than willing to speak up or act out about their opposition to President Donald Trump, but that they were intimidated by the threat of a Chinese boycott due to the large fan base there.

Henry hosts a sports-themed show on Fox News called Front Row Seat.

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