BREAKING: Fox News Death Scandal Shocks Viewers [Details Coming In]

Joy Reid of MSNBC recently levied some SERIOUS accusations against Fox News and its show hosts, saying that they “let their viewers die” from COVID because it was “fun for them.”

“We kinda reached stupid phase of the pandemic, I have to say. We have readily available vaccines that are free. The administration is going to send for free the test kits, which are kind of expensive, $25. If you don’t have $25, that’s really expensive. They will send them to anyone that wants them for free. They’re going to use the military. They’re going to use the resources to make it easy for you to get tested, and there are, you know, we can treat COVID now a lot better. We know more about it. We still have 800,000 bodies on the ground, in the ground because people are like I don’t believe COVID is real.”

As she continued on, she dropped the bombshell that everyone’s talking about now, practically accusing Fox News hosts of murder.

“God Bless Joe Biden. He isn’t perfect. There are a lot of things we can complain about, but he’s a caring human being who does want the whole country to survive this, and there are just people there who are decided to turn him into the devil just because they would rather hear, you know, Tucker and all of those clowns in a vaccinated, probably the most vaccinated company in America is Fox News. They’re all vaccinated. They’re going to live through this and let their viewers and their fans die because they don’t give a damn. It is clicks to them. They don’t care what happens. This is fun for them.”

Reid concluded by adding, “It’s sad. That’s what they think. Let them die. If it gets them power, let as many people die as will die.”

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