Fox News Host Reveals Chinese Propaganda Bombshell – Fans Shocked

Fox News host and influential conservative Tucker Carlson is revealing the truth about how Chinese propaganda is being spread by American media.

During a recent interview with author Alex Marlow, the two “laid out how former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his top associates at his namesake news conglomerate, Bloomberg LP, were able to leverage a relationship with the communist Chinese government and use it for personal gain, even if it meant betraying long-held American values.”

In opening the interview, Carlson noted that Marlow “found that Bloomberg executives regularly flew to China to meet with senior officials in the Chinese Communist Party. Those would include that country’s deputy propaganda minister.”

“This is about weaponized corporate media against the individual and how deep ties are to some of the worst entities in the world, including the Chinese propagandists,” said Marlow.

Marlow pointed out that Bloomberg “is a huge Democratic mega-donor” and “one of the biggest employers of journalists on the planet as we know it. And this type of guy is willing to work with Chinese propagandists who do not believe in free speech.”

Carlson called it “loathsome.”

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